Beneteau First Line

BE FIRST on the worldwide seas with the Beneteau First!


Without any doubts, Beneteau is with this line, that was launched 30 years ago, the best answer and solution for all the sailors in the world who like and enjoy fast and beautiful sailboats. In 2011, Beneteau launched a remake 30 years after the first appearance of the First 30. In the meantime, Beneteau has offered a smaller range line, the First 20 and the First 25, which is an excellent solution for achieving a great pleasure of sailing for everybody at reasonable price. For families, racer fans or sporting sailors, the biggest ones were the First 35 (2 cabins), the First 40 and the First 45 (3 cabins). Today the market has changed and the cruiser/family range is not longer a demanded range, the martker is not split into 2 parts: the racer sailing boats and the family boats, that's why Beneteau has launched a first version of the Oceanis line (Oceanis 51.1 & Oceanis 46.1) and for those who want to sail in regattas, Beneteau has bought the Sea Scape brand with 4 new models: First 14, First 18, First 24 and First 27.

  • Beneteau First 53

    Price (eur): 478.000
    Type: Sloop
    LOA (m): 14,07
    Model: First 45
    Builder: Beneteau
  • Beneteau Figaro III

    Price (eur): 175.090
    Type: Sloop
    LOA (m): 12,58
    Model: First 40
    Builder: Beneteau
  • Beneteau First 27

    Price (eur): 64.780
    Type: sloop
    LOA (m): 10,85
    Model: First 35
    Builder: Beneteau
  • Beneteau First 24

    Price (eur): 46.850
    Type: Sloop
    LOA (m): 9,81
    Model: First 30
    Builder: Beneteau
  • Beneteau First 18

    Price (eur): 21.560
    Type: Sloop
    LOA (m): 7,90m
    Model: First 25.7
    Builder: Beneteau
  • Beneteau First 14

    Price (eur): 8.300
    Type: Sloop
    LOA (m): 6,40m
    Model: First 21.7
    Builder: Beneteau