New Figaro 3 - How to buy it?

New Figaro 3 - How to buy it? Beneteau is pleased to announce that the Figaro 3 is available to order for our customers. The first 50 orders will be processed differently from others.

1 - The first 50 boats are for the Figaro Class*. The first 50 owners must be members of the Figaro class. They will have a special offer: the price of the first 50 boats is € 155,000 excl. VAT. Each potential customer has to contact the Figaro Class first, to become a member.
2 - From the 51st boat, the price will be € 175,000 exc. VAT.
3 - Then the Figaro Class will send them a pre-order form and a financial proposal from SGB. The potential customer must send the preorder form directly to Beneteau.
4 - Deposit payment of 15% will be required.
5 - Boats will be allotted via a drawing of lots at the Nautic 2018 boat show in Paris, France. This will be carried out to a predefined order following the dates the confirmed orders are received.
6 - Beneteau plans to deliver the boats in January 2019, as per the order of the draw, leaving our factory at Cheviré (Nantes).