Season 2019, opportunities and offers

Season 2019, opportunities and offers This year the Oceanis models from Beneteau are more attractive than ever, the market recognized the great success story of the new Oceanis 51.1 and the Oceanis 46.a. That's one of the reason why there is not available delivery for both models anymore for the summer 2019 since few weeks. The new Oceanis 46.1 is a huge step forward for the Oceanis range keeping the good base of the Oceanis 51.1 and offering new details and innovations. The volume inside and outside is huge, the side windows, the natural lighting and the sailing performances are also matching and optimal.

Our experience in this business is so respectable that we were prepared to face this very dynamic market long time in advance.
Our strategy was to choose already last year (in December 2017) in cooperation with Beneteau the models that will be interesting on the market and to reserve the attractive slots. That’s why we were able during this season to offer the most attractive Beneteau sailing models to our clients and partners with interesting delivery terms and conditions.

At the end, we are satisfied with the results with the 2019 season and are now already preparing our next 2020 season.

If you have any question or request about any Beneteau sailing models and our Charter Management opportunities and program, please feel free to contact us.

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