As official and exclusive Beneteau after-sale and service provider in Croatia, the company Ultra d.o.o. has been working for many years in this very specific sector:

- Maintenance of charter sailboats

- Maintenance and preparation of private sailboats

- Numerous activities under warranty

However, today we offer several services tied to one specific domain - sailboats. Other services are related with skills and trades we have been improving until now. Our particularity and knowledge come from our long experience in all working sectors concerning sailboats and, of course, sailing skills. This last point is especially interesting in preparation’s trades and rigging of new sailboats before their first voyage.

Every year, we apply our knowledge on our own charter fleet which needs annual repairs and maintenance, but thanks to many new sailboats we sell them and prepare before the beginning of every season.


Beneteau sailboat owners usually get 3 years of warranty, which includes the annual maintenance and revision done by our employees. Concerning the Charter Company, i.e. the charter sailboat that benefits from special offers, terms and conditions defined in a specific year period (usually from August to November) buying new boats, they have one year warranty.


In addition, traditional works tied to the company Beneteau (Ultra Charter Base with its Service Office in Trogir with mechanical engineers has become an authorized partner for Yanmar as well as its service for the area of Trogir for engines up to 130 HP). All spare parts and engine service can be done in our Service Office. We are authorized to fit out and put in electronic navigation instruments of the best world brands: NKE, Simrad and Raymarine. For additional works on boats like installing a bow thruster, electric winch, etc., we can give you advice, as the case may be.


Even with the expiry of your guarantee contract, we shall continue to supply you with everything you want from Beneteau. A sailboat is like a house - each thing, piece or installation that is being used, could be broken. Thanks to the company Beneteau in France with a very large range of offers that covers all manufactured models, we will find any piece you may need for your boat. The model, the year of production and the hull number are usually enough for us to order the right thing for you. For more information, visit us at:


- Rigging and preparation of new sail boats
- Mast adjusting
- Navigation equipment (installation and maintenance)
- Electronic and electric system on boats
- Shore supply system
- Works in GRP - polyester
- Works in woods
- Winter works (annual maintenance)
- Order and installation of Nautic equipment for boats


Rigging and preparation of new sail boats

Rigging of new sail boats is very specific and complicated work which implies all trades and preparation works for boat ready to first sailing. Boats come from Beneteau shipyard by truck transportation without mast and usually without keel. Complete anti-fouling treatment is also given in that step. Then, when all those actions are done, the boat is ready to be lifted to the sea.


Mast adjusting

One of our best specificity is the experience every technician own cross many years of sailing. The majority of them are an excellent sailor, that’s the reason for what mast adjusting is just one of step in preparation. There are not many skippers who are specialist in very complicated segment of aerodynamic. We use modern technology and specifics tools and our experience is used make different practical tests.


Navigation equipment (installation and maintenance)

Modern navigation equipment is standard in every new boat, and is usually a big help to have safe i successful sailing. Because of the fact that the conditions on boats are very specific and complicated (humidity, sea salt) for electronics: the requests are very high for manufacturers and installers. We work with world popular brands (NKE, Raymarine, B&G etc.) in the segment of electronic instruments and our workers have experience in installing, repairing and maintaining.


Electronic and electric system on boats

As for navigation instruments, the electric and electronic equipment on boats request very high concentration and work because of specific condition on boat. Only high quality components are chosen before installation, it's the same case for persons who install and maintain systems.


Shore supply system

The modern yacht, motor boats and sail boats consume lots of electricity. It's not so strange regarding the comfort and utilities the boats offer today. Boats are equipped by freezers, ice box, dishwasher, air conditioned systems, heating, video and audio equipment, navigation equipment, electric winches etc. this kind of equipment requires a high quality alimentation and shore supply.


Works in GRP - Polyester

The majority of modern yachts are today composed by Polyester. The hulls are designed and manufactured in shipyards while repairing of damages and maintaining are done by Ultra in all conditions. We do all kinds of works from filling perforation to protection covers.


Works in woods

Wood is usually the most used material in cabins, saloon and every part of boat layout. Wood is a good quality material which gives beauty, comfort and feeling of warmth, but also because of superior modeling specifications. Of course, we are talking about most quality woods like Mahogany, teak etc. Wood specialist are very limited concerning the work space and it's very complicated and it requests specific condition which requires lots of imagination to work properly the woods on boats. Ultra has his own place where we are able to do any kind of wood work for boats (cabins, floors, galley, steps etc.).


Winter works (annual maintenance)

After each season, yachts and boats have to be prepared for the winter period when they are less used. Every part of boats has to be checked in every detail, serviced and replaced if it's necessary until the next season. The fact that we have more than 45 sail boats every year to maintain, we can conclude that we have lots of experience in this domain.


Order and installation of nautic equipment for boats

As exclusive dealer for new boat in Croatia, Ultra has lots of request and demands for new equipment. Not considering what come with the boat from the shipyard, we can give you everything you need in your boat, in all details. We cooperate with the best providers in Croatia and world and we will equip your boat for good price in every place along Croatia, with system ''ready to sail''. We work with many providers: Raymarine, NKE, Quick, Lewmar, Trem, Wasi, Lalizas, Plastimo, Yanmar, Volvo Penta, North Sails, Vetus etc.

Service & after sale