Sailing in Croatia is an amazing experience for many skippers, sailors or owners of boats who enjoy beautiful sea and landscape. The weather conditions, a very specific coast, a big number of islands, the beauty and the extraordinary colours of the Adriatic Sea make this destination a heaven for sailors, charter clients and owners of motor and sail boats. Croatia has since past times been a maritime land where people live for the sea and by the sea trough fishing, trading, wars and today also for tourism. Many civilizations have navigated here: the Illyrians, the Greek, the Romans, Croats, Hungarians, Venetians, Turks, and Austrians etc. Nobody left this place without leaving something behind and nobody left this place without taking something from this part of the Mediterranean. 

Today, it's the tourism that helps Croatia make its place in Mediterranean. Croatia is begging to be a famous name among the most popular destinations thanks to the good prices and the modern infrastructures that make easier the arrival of European citizens by road, sea and air. The second point of Croatian attraction is for sure the Mediterranean climate which is very stable and offers a sea temperature of 25-28°C in July-August. A few characteristics to give you an idea:

-    1.244 islands in Croatia
-    More than 5.000Km (5.835Km) od landscape coast from the Istria to Dubrovnik
-    4 National Parks with an access from the sea (Brijuni, Kornati, Krka and Mljet)
-    2 Natural Parks with an access from the sea (Lastovo and Telašica) 

The number of marinas has grown up and continues to evolve each season; there are today 12.500 berths on the sea and 7.500 on the land. You will find those berths in 19 ACI marinas and 26 commercial marinas along the Adriatic coast and on the islands. The prices depend on the location of the marinas and on the period. For any information about berths, you can contact us or find a marina list on the web. As you know the marina is a very important point for your yacht, so you have to be careful with the choice of the marina and take into consideration a lot of parameters.

Every Marina is well protected and situated close to the big cities or close to more isolated places. All marinas are well equipped and at world standard (wash, toilets, electricity, shops etc.)
Furthermore, there are smaller berths and clubs in little ports and places more for local people and owners.

The other advantage of Croatia is the possibility of anchorage authorized almost along the entire coast; this anchorage is possible and very accessible and easy thanks to the many islands, bays and creeks scattered in the Adriatic Sea. At any time you can anchor your boat near the coast, which gives you a very big freedom. The beauty of the sea and the landscapewill give you many possibilities in choosing the location you want to stay at for rest or swimming.

Sailing in Croatia with your own boat in Croatia is practical, pleasant and enjoyable. For people who are not so lucky, they can always rent a boat in charter or become owners of sail boats. In any case, Ultra can help you.

Yachting in Croatia