Ultra Sailing had his own charter business and program for more than 10 years now. We are managing about 40 different models of Beneteau sail boats in Croatia. The Charter management consists in managing the charter activities with sail boat. This means:

- Equipping and rigging the boat according to Croatians laws
- Annual maintenance and service of the boat
- Registering and administration
- Annual Marina Berth in one of our Yacht charter bases
- Booking of the boat by our Ultra agents
- Welcome and check-in/check-out procedure in charter bases with charter clients
- Complete support for clients before and during the charter

You could be interested in Charter program and thinking about acquiring a new Beneteau sail boat but you still don't know where to keep it, how etc. Also don't forget the financing side which gives you the possibility of long run investment in very sure and stable business environment today in Croatia. Ultra gives you all the answers You need with our own Charter management program:
Ultra d.o.o. offers you all the answers You need with our own Charter management program:


Today, few people have enough time to enjoy the time on board. A yacht needs maintenance, care and investment. A sail boat in charter management is an investment which will not only cover annual maintenance cost of your boat but will also earn you a profit, plus you are fee to use the boat in pre-defined weeks. Ultra will take care of the sail boat (booking, rigging and maintenance) and the owner just needs to book the weeks he wants. We offer two possibilities:


You order your Beneteau sailboat from Ultra d.o.o. to deliver it in Croatia. Ultra d.o.o. validates and advice you about the choice of the boat, the equipment and options. The final point is to have a full equipped charter boat, according to Croatian laws. You finance the boat ready to sail in Croatia, Ultra d.o.o. orders the boat, organizes the transport, rigging and delivery to the final destination in Croatia. The boat has to be registered in Croatia with Croatian flag. Indeed, a physical person cannot be owner of boat in charter management, the easy way is to open a Croatian company which will be the owner of the boat (no VAT at acquisition) and all accounting operation joined to the boat.
The second option and newer way until Croatia is part of European Union is to buy Your future boat trough Your EU company as EU citizen. The Croatia authorities will let the possibility to 150 EU flag boats per year to have charter activities in Croatian. In that case, the charter calculation are done between our agency and Your EU company.

Ultra every year makes a ‘’charter calculation’’ of boat’s costs and incomes in Charter. Every year, we expect from 18 to more number of booked week in charter. Usually, we do calculation with 18 weeks. In this calculation, you can see the details of outcomes from your company, which means the charges and expected annual costs (charter concession, registration, engine services, berths costs etc.). On the other side, charter brings profits; those profits are also presented in the calculation. This profit is calculated in the base of expected number of charter week (much charter weeks = much income). Finally, to know how much profit in one year you can expect from you charter boat, you just have to deduct the agency provision and costs from the total annual incomes in charter.

Using the boat
Ultra offer you the possibility of using the boat 5 weeks / year in 5 different periods. Before each charter season, the owner has the priority choosing which week to rent during the season. Ultra Sailing Croatia has 5 different periods one charter season/year. For the 2012 season for example, please find below the different periods:


PERIOD A 14.07. - 18.08.
PERIOD B 16.06. - 14.07. and 18.08. - 15.09.
PERIOD C 02.06. - 16.06. and 15.09. - 22.09.
PERIOD D 19.05. - 02.06. and 22.09. - 29.09.
PERIOD E 01.01. - 19.05. and 29.09. - 31.12.

The owner can use the boat one week in each period. It exist the possibility of joining 2 weeks one time per year in period A, B or C. You can also joining 5 weeks together in period C, D and E. It's about here the usual and classical CM program. Each owner is specific, and all details can be arranged and decided differently during a meeting.


This version is recommended for foreign citizens. The idea is to invest in term of 18 weeks of charter's value, 18 weeks the investor can use as he wants in 6 years. Weeks are defined or not at the start and can be used as the Investor want. In those next 6 years, the future owner has no costs and no profit for the boat. This is easier because the owner hasn’t to open a Croatian company and takes care about the booking, just needs to choose the weeks he wants and come sail on the boat. All details and operation in charter are decided and fixed by Ultra. That's mean that you as owner has no problem or worry about your sail boat (berth, maintenance, costs). In six years, the investor has the priority for buying the boat. That means if the investor wants to become the owner of the boat, he need to pay the initial amount x 2, then the investor becomes the boat owner with EU VAT paid ready for registration in his own name.

For all further information: sales@ultra-sailing.hr

Charter management