We offer new sailboats from the renowned Beneteau company, which has been validating the quality of its products for more than 120 years through a constant innovation system.

As Benjamin Beneteau, build his first sailing trawler in 1884, he most properly did not imagine that his pioneering spirit and passion for yachting, would be carried on by the generations how followed him and eventually made the Beneteau name would famous. The success as a leading boat building company has been earned trough generations of hard work, ship building innovation and the pioneering spirit heritage from its founder, which is still one of the corner stones in the continues development of the company.

Ultra d.o.o is the official Beneteau dealer in Croatia, we of course have adapted the pioneering spirit which is carried by the Beneteau Brand, trough our 16 years of operation, we have constantly developed and improved our service offering. We are proud to present you a large selection of new and second hand Beneteau sailing boats plus a wide range of services like charter management and yacht charter.

Our portfolio of Beneteau sailing boats include the lines Oceanis and First with boat sizes ranging from 20 to 62 feet. All Beneteau sailboats are the result of cutting edge designs with specific features for each line.

Our range of used boats includes sailboats from different Beneteau lines, but we also offer models from other boats and catamarans from other brands.

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If you are looking to buy a new sailboat without having to worry about its equipment, berth, maintenance, reservations and other costs the boat brings - we offer you our Charter management program.

As the official representative of Beneteau, Ultra d.o.o. is responsible for the sale, maintenance and servicing of Beneteau sailboats in Croatia. Ultra has been providing very professional and specific services in the nautical world for several years.

With more than a thousand islands full of natural beauty, Croatia is an ideal sailing destination and one of the best nautical spot for many sailors from all over the world. Many of them have their Beneteau sailing boats and just charter their Beneteau with us.

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Dusseldorf boot 2023

Dusseldorf boot 2023

After 2 years without the biggest European indoor boat show, in 2023 we expect a very interesting Dusseldorf boot which will start on January 21st until January 29th.
Beneteau this year announced the exhibition of the most popular Beneteau models, the position will be Hall 16 for sailing yachts. In 2023 at the fair, the boats on display are the following ones:

• Oceanis 30.1e (new model)
• Oceanis 34.1
• Oceanis 40.1
• Oceanis 46.1
Oceanis 60 Yacht (new model)

The Cruiser-Racer boat is of the most attractive brand from the Beneteau Group with the famous FIRST line, at the boot, you will be able to discover the following models:

• First 24
• First 27
• First 36
• First 44 (new model)
• First 53 Yacht

The Ultra Sailing sales team will be proud to be there and introduce every model to our customers and partners. We expect a good number of visitors, so in order to prepare our fair, please contact usi f you plan to come so we can welcome you at the show with a defined schedule.
We stay at your disposal for any question.
Your Ultra Sailing Team.

Charter Management & Opportunities in 2023

Charter Management & Opportunities in 2023

The 2022 nautical season was a success and we are very proud for the wonderful results we have accomplished. In the name of the Ultra Sailing team, we want to thank all our guests, partners, customers and boat owners. We are now focused in the 2023 season where we will improve our standard and offer. We are proud to announce arrival of new sailing boats and catamarans in our fleet. The 2023 Charter price list is already actual and clients can already reserve their charter weeks in 2023.

For those who are interested in investing in the nautical business, please feel free to contact us. Today we can offer the most attractive Beneteau models for those who wants to become owners and be part of our Charter Management Program: Oceanis 34.1 (new model), Oceanis 40.1 & Oceanis 46.1. For more details, offers and conditions, please feel free to contact and visit us.


Biograd Boat Show 2022

Biograd Boat Show 2022

Biograd Boat Show is the biggest outside nautical event in Croatia with a large selection of new and second hand boats. Ultra sailing will be present at Biograd to exhibit the new Beneteau sailing boats and represent the French shipyard to the Croatian market at the best moment of the nautical season, just in time to conclude the next season of delivery with our clients and partners.
The 2022 was a very dynamic and successful nautical season and we already know that 2023 should be even better, so it's time to think about the next steps!

This year Utra in cooperation with Beneteau decides to exhibit the next models:

- Oceanis 34.1 (new model)

- Oceanis 40.1

- Oceanis 46.1

- First 36 (Croatian Premiere)

This year, we expect a big number participants and visitors during the fair. We will be pleased to welcome everyone who wants to discover the actual Beneteau sailing boats and sailing Yachts. Please feel free to contact us for any question, this year the Biograd Boat Show will start on October 26th and ends at October 30th.

Your Ultra Team

New FIRST 44 - Yacht Review

New FIRST 44 - Yacht Review

We are proud to announce the exclusive possibility to rent the First 44 from May 2023 in Croatia with Ultra Sailing from Split. For more information or detail, please contact our booking department.

“FIRST was born forty-five years ago with the launch of the legendary FIRST 30, and we doubly celebrate the occasion this year with the announcement of the FIRST 36 in January and the arrival of the FIRST 44 today, finalizing the renewal of a standard-bearing range now entirely redrawn and complete”, says Yann Masselot, BENETEAU General Manager. “The boat pencils itself in among such great 40’ to 45’ BENETEAU yachts as the FIRST 40.7, the 45f5 or more recently the FIRST 40 and 45”.

Few weeks ago in Cannes at the Yacht Festival we had the opportunity to see and test the new First 44. The weather condition was not perfect in term of winds, but it still gave us the possibility of sail out of Cannes on this beautiful Cruiser-Racer boat with the Beneteau team, our customer and few journalist. It was a very nice experience and a last check for our client before he could make his decision. We are proud to announce that we have succeed to sale the first First 44 in Cannes and that we expect to have her in Croatia in Spring 2023 in Split, this boat will be in our charter fleet and can be booked by any sailor who wants to enjoy his sailing holiday in Croatia next year, without or with a skipper.

The condition for the sea trial was not optimal, there were too many people onboard and we had only one hour to do the sailing, it was anyway enough to understand the concept and enjoy the boat capacities.

Article from www.sail-world.com

The FIRST 44 embodies a natural link between the FIRST 36 and FIRST 53, equally refining and redefining performance, elegance and comfort - a new Biscontini/Argento creation that truly denies itself nothing. She’s a lovely sailing yacht with a remarkable design, offering through her architecture and build quality an experience underway that is simply second to none.

The main points to remember:

- The FIRST 44 is presented in two main setups, FIRST 44 and FIRST 44 PERFORMANCE, with a different deck plan and options for keels and masts.

- She offers a streamlined interior layout that is modern and luminous, with a blend of white lacquered surfaces, moulded woods and tasteful upholsteries.

- She is crafted and finished in a dedicated workshop that delivers the full scope of BENETEAU expertise.

With the new FIRST 44, BENETEAU draws to the noblest expression of the term “racer/cruiser”: an elegant and comfortable yacht that provides unequalled pleasure under sail.

In keeping with the scientific approach honed with his work on America Cup racers, Roberto Biscontini went through several revisions and improvements to finally deliver a powerful and well-balanced hull, which is coupled with an ample sail plan to deliver spend and vivacity in any conditions.

A Dual Design

The FIRST 44 was imagined with two deck layouts to satisfy a greater variety of wishes and needs.

The FIRST 44 version distinguishes itself with a convivial and comfortable cockpit, wherein wide side-decks converge towards a lovely cockpit table. Four winches, a fixed centerline block for the mainsheet and a mast that is set further aft all maximize the potential of her modern sailplan, defined by a slender mainsail and generously sized foresails.

With the intention of making serious performance even more accessible, BENETEAU used the experience acquired with the Figaro 2 and ballast systems to deliver this technology to FIRST 44 owners; twin 300 l (80 US Gal) ballast tanks, activated electrically from the helm stations, offer the possibility of reaching the boat’s full potential with reduced crew.

On the FIRST 44 PERFORMANCE, deck ergonomics were studied and developed with fully crewed regattas in mind. Equipment and systems are totally geared towards racing, among which should be mentioned the foam non-skid surfaces that replace the teak on the cockpit sole, six well-placed winches and a conventional mainsail traveller. The rigging and sail setup include a 1.5 m (4’11”) bowsprit, a hydraulic backstay, a powerful in-hauler system and a performance keel/mast combo that will satisfy the most demanding captains and crews.

A Superior Standard of Accommodations

The FIRST 44 is infused with Lorenzo Argento’s style, a distinctive blend of elegance and modernity. Her three-abin, two-head layout is an assemblage of quality materials interwoven into a masterful finish. In the salon the six-seater transversal table lays opposite of the couch and nav station; its positioning in relation to the mast eases the movement between galley and master stateroom, thereby accentuating the feeling of space.

This arrangement is enhanced by superb craftsmanship, a refined combination of white lacquered surfaces, moulded woods, touches of indirect lighting and a large selection of luxurious upholsteries.

Expertise as a cornerstone

Assembled in a specially dedicated workshop, the FIRST 44 takes full benefit of BENETEAU’s expertise and the knowledge of the industry’s sharpest minds. Subjected by their owners to the rigors of the offshore racing, FIRSTs are always the result of a rigorous development and perfection process. Engineering for the FIRST 44 was entrusted to the Mer Forte firm, well known for its work on high-end blue-water race boats, including the celebrated Figaro BENETEAU 3.

The result is a 'full infusion' yacht on which the distribution of weight is a key factor. The FIRST 44 PERFORMANCE is 1100 pounds lighter than the FIRST 44 and its deck layout is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration involving Roberto Biscontini, Lorenzo Argento, Hughes Destremau (North Sails), Michel Sacaze (Harken), William Thomas (Sparcraft) and the BENETEAU project team.

Roberto Biscontini (naval architect)

“The objective with the entire FIRST 44 team was to refine the concept of Performance Cruiser, which isn’t an easy undertaking because the architecture of these boats rests on many contradictory requirements. We tried to find the correct balance between cruising comfort, performance, and safety, and we are quite satisfied with the final result. The new FIRST 44 shares the style and the elegance of the FIRST 53, and is similar in the organization of space and volumes; yet certain elements and characteristics of her design take her a step further in her quest for performance.”

Lorenzo Argento (designer)

“I wish to sincerely congratulate Roberto for successfully creating this hull/mast/rigging combination, which gives us an extremely pleasant and performant yacht on the water. At our level we tried to reproduce this fluidity and this spirit through the deck design and interior arrangements, by both maximizing the use of volumes and minimizing the impact of whatever restriction we encountered. For example, the position of the mast had a great influence on the way the interior is arranged, and we were able to draw up a practical and harmonious solution for the table-galley-sofa area.”».

The FIRST 44 has been exhibited the first time during the Cannes Yacht Festival, we expect our first FIRST 44 in May 2023 in Croatia, available for charter and equipped with a carbon mast.

SOURCE FROM www.sail-world.com