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Rent Your First in Croatia in 2023

Approximately 10 years ago we’ve been amazed by the One-Design-Fleet of First 35’ers and First 45’ers which we had in our charter base in Kaštela, where we’ve organized few regattas per year. Back in that time, we’ve been the only yacht charter company which had one-design Beneteau First 35 and First 45 fleet in Croatia. As a true Beneteau First sailboat lovers, we also used to have First 40.7 and First 36.7 in our charter. So, the thrill with the Beneteau First brand continues with our First-Range-Fleet in Croatia.

Ultra Sailing is the only company in the world able to offer the exclusive First boats for charter. From Split, in 2023, you will be able to rent the entire range of First models from 36 to 53 feet.
The First 53 Yacht is able only with skipper. The First 27, 36 and the First 44 are available from bareboat charter.

The boats are fully equipped for racing sailing and cruising holidays as well. The demand from experimented sailors who want to sail a First model is important and we have dedicated fleet and people to fulfill the demand.

see more details about the First models and the offer following this link (…)

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Dusseldorf boot 2023

After 2 years without the biggest European indoor boat show, in 2023 we expect a very interesting Dusseldorf boot which will start on January 21st until January 29th.
Beneteau this year announced the exhibition of the most popular Beneteau models, the position will be Hall 16 for sailing yachts. In 2023 at the fair, the boats on display are the following ones:

• Oceanis 30.1e (new model)
• Oceanis 34.1
• Oceanis 40.1
• Oceanis 46.1
Oceanis 60 Yacht (new model)

The Cruiser-Racer boat is of the most attractive brand from the Beneteau Group with the famous FIRST line, at the boot, you will be able to discover the following models:

• First 24
• First 27
• First 36
• First 44 (new model)
• First 53 Yacht

The Ultra Sailing sales team will be proud to be there and introduce every model to our customers and partners. We expect a good number of visitors, so in order to prepare our fair, please contact usi f you plan to come so we can welcome you at the show with a defined schedule.
We stay at your disposal for any question.
Your Ultra Sailing Team.

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Charter Management & Opportunities in 2023

The 2022 nautical season was a success and we are very proud for the wonderful results we have accomplished. In the name of the Ultra Sailing team, we want to thank all our guests, partners, customers and boat owners. We are now focused in the 2023 season where we will improve our standard and offer. We are proud to announce arrival of new sailing boats and catamarans in our fleet. The 2023 Charter price list is already actual and clients can already reserve their charter weeks in 2023.

For those who are interested in investing in the nautical business, please feel free to contact us. Today we can offer the most attractive Beneteau models for those who wants to become owners and be part of our Charter Management Program: Oceanis 34.1 (new model), Oceanis 40.1 & Oceanis 46.1. For more details, offers and conditions, please feel free to contact and visit us.


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Biograd Boat Show 2022

Biograd Boat Show is the biggest outside nautical event in Croatia with a large selection of new and second hand boats. Ultra sailing will be present at Biograd to exhibit the new Beneteau sailing boats and represent the French shipyard to the Croatian market at the best moment of the nautical season, just in time to conclude the next season of delivery with our clients and partners.
The 2022 was a very dynamic and successful nautical season and we already know that 2023 should be even better, so it's time to think about the next steps!

This year Utra in cooperation with Beneteau decides to exhibit the next models:

- Oceanis 34.1 (new model)

- Oceanis 40.1

- Oceanis 46.1

- First 36 (Croatian Premiere)

This year, we expect a big number participants and visitors during the fair. We will be pleased to welcome everyone who wants to discover the actual Beneteau sailing boats and sailing Yachts. Please feel free to contact us for any question, this year the Biograd Boat Show will start on October 26th and ends at October 30th.

Your Ultra Team

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New FIRST 44 - Yacht Review

We are proud to announce the exclusive possibility to rent the First 44 from May 2023 in Croatia with Ultra Sailing from Split. For more information or detail, please contact our booking department.

“FIRST was born forty-five years ago with the launch of the legendary FIRST 30, and we doubly celebrate the occasion this year with the announcement of the FIRST 36 in January and the arrival of the FIRST 44 today, finalizing the renewal of a standard-bearing range now entirely redrawn and complete”, says Yann Masselot, BENETEAU General Manager. “The boat pencils itself in among such great 40’ to 45’ BENETEAU yachts as the FIRST 40.7, the 45f5 or more recently the FIRST 40 and 45”.

Few weeks ago in Cannes at the Yacht Festival we had the opportunity to see and test the new First 44. The weather condition was not perfect in term of winds, but it still gave us the possibility of sail out of Cannes on this beautiful Cruiser-Racer boat with the Beneteau team, our customer and few journalist. It was a very nice experience and a last check for our client before he could make his decision. We are proud to announce that we have succeed to sale the first First 44 in Cannes and that we expect to have her in Croatia in Spring 2023 in Split, this boat will be in our charter fleet and can be booked by any sailor who wants to enjoy his sailing holiday in Croatia next year, without or with a skipper.

The condition for the sea trial was not optimal, there were too many people onboard and we had only one hour to do the sailing, it was anyway enough to understand the concept and enjoy the boat capacities.

Article from

The FIRST 44 embodies a natural link between the FIRST 36 and FIRST 53, equally refining and redefining performance, elegance and comfort - a new Biscontini/Argento creation that truly denies itself nothing. She’s a lovely sailing yacht with a remarkable design, offering through her architecture and build quality an experience underway that is simply second to none.

The main points to remember:

- The FIRST 44 is presented in two main setups, FIRST 44 and FIRST 44 PERFORMANCE, with a different deck plan and options for keels and masts.

- She offers a streamlined interior layout that is modern and luminous, with a blend of white lacquered surfaces, moulded woods and tasteful upholsteries.

- She is crafted and finished in a dedicated workshop that delivers the full scope of BENETEAU expertise.

With the new FIRST 44, BENETEAU draws to the noblest expression of the term “racer/cruiser”: an elegant and comfortable yacht that provides unequalled pleasure under sail.

In keeping with the scientific approach honed with his work on America Cup racers, Roberto Biscontini went through several revisions and improvements to finally deliver a powerful and well-balanced hull, which is coupled with an ample sail plan to deliver spend and vivacity in any conditions.

A Dual Design

The FIRST 44 was imagined with two deck layouts to satisfy a greater variety of wishes and needs.

The FIRST 44 version distinguishes itself with a convivial and comfortable cockpit, wherein wide side-decks converge towards a lovely cockpit table. Four winches, a fixed centerline block for the mainsheet and a mast that is set further aft all maximize the potential of her modern sailplan, defined by a slender mainsail and generously sized foresails.

With the intention of making serious performance even more accessible, BENETEAU used the experience acquired with the Figaro 2 and ballast systems to deliver this technology to FIRST 44 owners; twin 300 l (80 US Gal) ballast tanks, activated electrically from the helm stations, offer the possibility of reaching the boat’s full potential with reduced crew.

On the FIRST 44 PERFORMANCE, deck ergonomics were studied and developed with fully crewed regattas in mind. Equipment and systems are totally geared towards racing, among which should be mentioned the foam non-skid surfaces that replace the teak on the cockpit sole, six well-placed winches and a conventional mainsail traveller. The rigging and sail setup include a 1.5 m (4’11”) bowsprit, a hydraulic backstay, a powerful in-hauler system and a performance keel/mast combo that will satisfy the most demanding captains and crews.

A Superior Standard of Accommodations

The FIRST 44 is infused with Lorenzo Argento’s style, a distinctive blend of elegance and modernity. Her three-abin, two-head layout is an assemblage of quality materials interwoven into a masterful finish. In the salon the six-seater transversal table lays opposite of the couch and nav station; its positioning in relation to the mast eases the movement between galley and master stateroom, thereby accentuating the feeling of space.

This arrangement is enhanced by superb craftsmanship, a refined combination of white lacquered surfaces, moulded woods, touches of indirect lighting and a large selection of luxurious upholsteries.

Expertise as a cornerstone

Assembled in a specially dedicated workshop, the FIRST 44 takes full benefit of BENETEAU’s expertise and the knowledge of the industry’s sharpest minds. Subjected by their owners to the rigors of the offshore racing, FIRSTs are always the result of a rigorous development and perfection process. Engineering for the FIRST 44 was entrusted to the Mer Forte firm, well known for its work on high-end blue-water race boats, including the celebrated Figaro BENETEAU 3.

The result is a 'full infusion' yacht on which the distribution of weight is a key factor. The FIRST 44 PERFORMANCE is 1100 pounds lighter than the FIRST 44 and its deck layout is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration involving Roberto Biscontini, Lorenzo Argento, Hughes Destremau (North Sails), Michel Sacaze (Harken), William Thomas (Sparcraft) and the BENETEAU project team.

Roberto Biscontini (naval architect)

“The objective with the entire FIRST 44 team was to refine the concept of Performance Cruiser, which isn’t an easy undertaking because the architecture of these boats rests on many contradictory requirements. We tried to find the correct balance between cruising comfort, performance, and safety, and we are quite satisfied with the final result. The new FIRST 44 shares the style and the elegance of the FIRST 53, and is similar in the organization of space and volumes; yet certain elements and characteristics of her design take her a step further in her quest for performance.”

Lorenzo Argento (designer)

“I wish to sincerely congratulate Roberto for successfully creating this hull/mast/rigging combination, which gives us an extremely pleasant and performant yacht on the water. At our level we tried to reproduce this fluidity and this spirit through the deck design and interior arrangements, by both maximizing the use of volumes and minimizing the impact of whatever restriction we encountered. For example, the position of the mast had a great influence on the way the interior is arranged, and we were able to draw up a practical and harmonious solution for the table-galley-sofa area.”».

The FIRST 44 has been exhibited the first time during the Cannes Yacht Festival, we expect our first FIRST 44 in May 2023 in Croatia, available for charter and equipped with a carbon mast.



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Cannes Yacht Festival 2022

Dear Friends, Partners and Beneteau Sailing Yachts owners. We are proud to announce the Cannes Yacht Festival with our participation to the biggest outdoor European Boat Show.

Based on the successful 2022 nautical season, we are already focused in the next 2023 season with a very optimistic perspective.
As we expect a record number of participants and visitors, we would like to prepare your visit and arrival.

This season the first star of the entire show will for sure be the World Premiere of the new Beneteau Oceanis 60, The Beneteau group will also exhibit the Worls Premiere First 44, below you will find which models you will be able to visit in Cannes – Porto Canto from September 6th until September 11th.

-    OCEANIS 34.1 (new model)
-    OCEANIS 40.1
-    OCEANIS 46.1
-    FIRST 36


This season, the Cannes Yacht Festival will be split in 2 parts with an area dedicated to the Sailing range and another one dedicated to the motor range. Our sale team will be present during the all the show in order to welcome our partners, friends, customers and clients, it will be a pleasure to invite you to join us, in case you plan to visit us, please send us a confirmation by email if you plan to come.

Sincerely Your Beneteau Croatia

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Croatia Boat Show 2022

The Croatia Boat Show is an important local nautical event in Split with a selection of new and second hand boats. In 2022, the CBS is back after a break of 2 years because of the sanitary situation, we are excited to represent Beneteau again from our home base in Croatia. Ultra sailing will be present at Split to exhibit new Beneteau sailing boats and represent the French shipyard to the Croatian market at the best moment of the nautical season, just in time before the season starts.

This year Utra Sailing in cooperation with Beneteau decides to exhibit the brand new Beneteau Oceanis 54 ''Big Blue'', as Croatian PREMIERE.

We will be pleased to welcome everyone who wants to discover the actual Beneteau sailing boats and sailing Yachts. Please feel free to contact us for any question, the Croatia Boat Show will start in April 26th until April 30th.

Your Ultra Team

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It's time for the new First 36

The new boat we were working on together with our friends from Beneteau for almost 4 years has finally stepped into the light.
The new First 36 has been sailing for month now, and we have quietly collected the pictures and data to share. She is a true beauty which sails in a way that brought smiles to the faces of even most die-hard Seascapers. The true best-of-both-worlds cooperation with Beneteau.

We cannot wait to show her to you. The number one is on her way to Baltic, number two to Beneteau's demo center in Spain and the third one will stay in Adriatic - their main purpose is to be available for sailors to get a feel of them. In the meantime, here are some pictures and informations to keep you curious.

Speed made easy:
Welcome to the latest model in our new breed of high-performance cruiser-racers.
With a weight of 4,8 tons and an upwind sail area of 80 square meters, the new First 36 simply presents a different sailing experience.
Actually, we believe this is the first time a mainstream-production boat with full-cruising facilities, a mid-market price tag and the full support of a worldwide dealer network has been pushed this far towards true high-performance sailing.

How it was done
The entire boat is a vacuum-infused, fully-cored GRP composite structure—including bulkheads and most interior parts. Almost all interior elements contribute to the structural strength of the boat.

Variety of sailing styles
First 36 is designed to fit a variety of sailing styles: cruising with family and friends, shorthanded sailing, club racing or distance racing with a full crew.
To facilitate all of this, the cockpit has two distinct modes: one for racing/shorthanded sailing and one for cruising.
In racing mode, the open T-cockpit has space enough to move effortlessly between ergonomic work positions.

More than just 36 feet
The living quarters below deck are a reinvented layout of the legendary First 40,7. Their huge volume comes as a natural consequence of the modern, performance-optimized lines of the hull.


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Thew new Oceanis Yacht 60 Flagship

Elegance redefined

What makes a sailing vessel a yacht? «The attention paid to each detail and the remarkable result of it all» says Damien
Jacob, Sailboat Product Director with Groupe Beneteau. So the designers of the Oceanis Yacht 54, Roberto Biscontini
and Lorenzo Argento, made no concessions when drawing the new Oceanis flagship. This beautiful ocean-cruising yacht
immerses us in a world of elegance and sophistication.
The contemporary yet timelessly elegant 18-metre hull profile of the Oceanis Yacht 60 definitely echoes that of its
54-foot sister. A subtle interplay of proportions and a gentle reverse sheer create the kind of space you typically find on
a 62-footer, while retaining an elegant design and excellent sea-keeping abilities. These unique features result in a true
bluewater yacht that offers outstanding performance yet is easy to short-hand.

Optimum design for smooth sailing

The huge cockpit offers safe, free-flowing movement throughout. Wide side-decks run round the helm stations and offer obstacle-free circulation to the fore deck. This unique layout reinvents the central cockpit concept. Although the two identical tables and sun bathing areas are standard on Oceanis Yachts, special attention has been paid to the helm consoles. With two real helm stations, controlling the boat’s course is as easy as trimming the sails, windward or leeward. The owner can carry out all the usual manoeuvres without leaving the helm, which is a definite plus on a big boat when sailing short-handed. An innovative bimini is supported by the mainsail arch, keeping sheets safe and out of the way, and comes in an optional rigid version. Maintained by two lateral supports, the central section slides forward to adjust the amount of cover in the cockpit. Depending on the weather and the time of day, the crew will always find the best compromise between protection and air flow.

And since cruising goes hand in hand with anchorages the large bathing platform provides access to the tender garage, a must for a boat this size, capable of housing a 2.8 m jet-propelled tender. A system with double wires and guiding rollers makes for effortless launching and retrieval, promising active stopovers and lots of fun. Lastly, onboard systems such as “Ship Control” and “Seanapps” respectivelymanage all the boat’s systems and make for effortless maintenance and monitoring, so that you can relax while you are cruising – and when you’re not.

Stylish interior space for sharing in good company

You are met with a great deal of space and light as you go down the companionway, and an overall impression of volume and balanced proportions. The Oceanis Yacht 60’s galley is now positioned midship, where you are less likely to be bothered by movement, and it is full beam, with storage and a fridge to port, and a sink, oven and dishwasher to starboard. There is substantial storage space and worktop surfaces are ample. 

The saloon layout provides a variety of spaces to enjoy social life onboard; six people can sit comfortably around the table which faces a lounge area with a soft sofa, ideal for relaxing at sea or at anchor. And the curved chart table allows the skipper to swivel round and take part in conversations on board!

Available in a 3-cabin version with 3 heads, the Oceanis Yacht 60 comes with two different finishes: walnut as standard and light oak as an option. The craftsmen at BENETEAU, true to their long cabinetmaking tradition, devoted particular attention to the woodwork. Many moulded wood features blend harmoniously with large lacquered white surfaces and are matched with exclusive upholstery. Together they create a distinctly stylish atmosphere.

The most demanding owners will definitely love the master cabin. Once past the ensuite head, the space opens out onto a starboard bed, lined with extensive storage spaces. This guarantees privacy and at the same time offers a stunning view of the sea. The linings have been chosen carefully to create a feeling of hull depth in association with the portholes. The stretched fabric hugs the curved shapes of the coachroof and the hull to create perfect visual continuity inside this wonderfully relaxing luxurious space.

With a clean design, optimised layout and top-quality fittings, the new Oceanis Yacht 60 is a clear step in pursuit of excellence. Built in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France, the Oceanis Yacht 60 will be on show at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2022.



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The BENETEAU First 36 has a mission to bridge the gap between high-tech development in the world of racing and mainstream racer-cruisers. To be specific, even the standard version of First 36 will fully plane in a moderate breeze.
However, this by itself was not the main challenge for the design and production teams. For 40 years, the Firsts were successfully hitting the elusive sweet spot between comfort, performance, utility, elegance, high-tech construction, and reasonable price. The First 36 is no different.


New First 36

Ključni pokazatelji:

  • Very low displacement that brings the experience of planning into the hands of amateur sailors
  • Carefully designed deck layout for short-handed and fully crewed racing
  • Practical three-cabin interior with innovative details for cruising


The design team is coordinated by the experienced hand of Kristian Hajnšek, CTO of Seascape, who works closely with the team at BENETEAU to bring race-grade construction technologies into the segment of production racer-cruisers. On top of this hugely experienced team, we added an elite international group of designers; all of them are passionate sailors in their own right.

Naval architect: Samuel Manuard

He is currently the hottest name in offshore racing, where his designs are winning Mini, Class 40, and IMOCA 60 classes. He is also the designer of the new First and First SE from 14ft to 27ft.

Structural engineering: Pure Design&Engineering

The team from New Zealand was in charge of engineering at some of the most extreme projects in the world of extreme sailing: TP52s, AC75, AC72, IMOCA 60s, and Club Swan, as well as high-end production yachts.

Design: Lorenzo Argento

First 36 follows the same design language of her larger sister – First Yacht 53 – building on the timeless aesthetic of Lorenzo's work, most notably seen on the Wally and Brenta yachts.

Innovation and research: Gigodesign

This industrial design studio's design research and innovation insights with multiple Red Dot awards were essential in locking in and developing innovation opportunities.


Due to the easily achievable performance potential of the new BENETEAU First 36, we expect her to be a weapon for club handicap racing. Therefore, during the design process, the team spent numerous iterations seeking a balance between an easily planing hull and upwind performance.

The First 36 is optimised for short-handed sailing, making her perfect for the ever-more-popular short-handed adventure distance races. Her very high sail area/displacement coefficient and balanced nautical design make her a top performer as a club-racer, a safe and fun family cruiser, or simply a thrilling daysailer.


Positioning six winches, steering wheels, and other deck gear was thoroughly tested on several mock-ups and a full-scale testbed sailboat to enable the sailing experience promised on the previous page. Details like an offshore hatch on the foredeck or removable cockpit benches show the priority of sailing functionality over style used throughout the design process.
Standard aluminium rig and cast iron keel were chosen to keep the boat accessible. Yet, Sam Manuard brought his experience and focused on perfecting the shape and design of these two key ingredients for a great sailing experience. The draft of 2,25 m was chosen as a compromise between performance and ease of use.


Cockpit - New First 36


In the racing layout, the wide and modern cockpit allows for different helm and trim positions, either for short-handed or fully-crewed sailing. In this setup, the table and bench extensions are removed, opening the working area in the cockpit.

A higher than average steering wheel position leaves enough room for the helmsman to move forward towards the mainsail winch when sailing shorthanded. The cockpit winches' positioning allows one or two crew members to sail with legs in and work the mainsail or primary winches in full crew mode. It also allows cross-sheeting of all sheets to the windward side. Harken, Ronstan, Spinlock and Antal deck gear were combined for performance.



When you remove your racing gear and take your family cruising or daysailing, the cockpit benches with cushions increase the seating area and add storage space and rope organisation. The cockpit table is big enough to seat a crew of six. Additionally, the design team developed an ultralight bathing platform to give sailors easy access to the water without affecting the boat's performance.


The wide hull of the BENETEAU First 36 offers a spacious interior comparable to much larger predecessors. The new First 36 has about the same living volume as the legendary First 40.7.

Simple, comfortable and multi-purpose, the First 36 interior was developed around three-cabin cruising functionality. Its most notable feature is the large central fridge (with a removable cutting board), making this sailboat's galley the largest of her class. A corridor created together with the foldable and removable table helps sailors move around the saloon safely and offers stacking possibilities.


Going against the trend, the 36 features a full-sized navigation table. While vital to navigation, it is also a suitable home office. Two portlights in every room allow air flow and natural light, while sectional indirect lighting with a red racing option illuminates the boat at night. Three cabins with easily accessible full-sized double berths and innovative heads round up the features of this bright and spacious interior.


Hull length: 11,00 m / 36’ 1”
Beam: 3,80 m / 12’ 6”
Preliminary displacement (MLC): 4800 kg / 10580 lbs
Draft standard keel: 2,25 m / 7’ 4,6”
Ballast: 1550 kg / 3420 lbs
Upwind sail area: 80 m2 / 860 sq. ft
Downwind sail area: 180 m2 / 1930 sq. ft
Retail recommended ex-works price: EUR 198.000 ex VAT


The WORLD PREMIERE of BENETEAU First 36 will be at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in JANUARY 2022.


The Group’s historic trademark, Beneteau has been a pioneer for recreational boating from the outset. With its world-leading ranges and iconic products, nearly 35 models offer diverse, high-performance capabilities.
With one single idea in mind: innovating in terms of both boats and processes to enable as many people as possible to realize their dreams, making the avant-garde accessible.




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Biograd Boat Show 2021

Biograd Boat Show is the biggest outside nautical event in Croatia with a large selection of new and second hand boats. Ultra sailing will be present at Biograd to exhibit the new Beneteau sailing boats and represent the French shipyard to the Croatian market at the best moment of the nautical season, just in time to conclude the next season of delivery with our clients and partners.
The 2021 was a very dynamic and interesting nautical season and we already know that 2022 should be even better, so it's time to think about the next steps!

This year Utra in cooperation with Beneteau decides to exhibit the next models:
- Oceanis 46.1
- Oceanis 40.1 (new model)
- Oceanis 30.1

This year, we expect a big number participants and visitors during the fair. We will be pleased to welcome everyone who wants to discover the actual Beneteau sailing boats and sailing Yachts. Please feel free to contact us for any question, this year the Biograd Boat Show will start at October 20th and ends at October 24th.

Your Ultra Team

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Introducing the new Oceanis 34.1

Sleeker, lighter, more sail area, more space in the bow for the owner's cabin (than its predecessor): the latest collaboration between Marc Lombard for naval architecture and NAUTA Design for the deck plan and layouts of the new Oceanis 34.1 is, quite simply, superb!

10.80m of pure generosity

One glance shows that the La Rochelle-based architect has surpassed himself with this flared hull design that provides greater interior space for a spacious cabin (fore) combined with a hull with a long chine going aft that ensures guests a high-quality cruising experience.

These architectural choices give this 7th generation of Oceanis yachts a strong identity that is equally remarkable when under sail - slender waterline entries, a lower angle of heel and a hull resting on the chine for greater comfort on the water.

A key player right from the start, the firm NAUTA Design has once again delivered an incomparable design concept for this generation of Oceanis yachts. A distinctive style, instantly recognisable even in the smallest details with layouts that prioritise comfort, user-friendliness, bright interiors and ease of movement.


New Oceanis 34.1 - Cockpit


Custom-designed deck, ballast and rigging

Life on board with family or friends new to sailing is the core focus of all new Oceanis designs. The Oceanis 34.1 is the perfect example of this approach, promising to provide safe cruising experiences aboard a boat that is easy to handle whoever is crewing it.

Simple navigation using standard equipment (Easy Sail): a conventional 31m" mainsail and 18m" selftacking jib. The perfect configuration for sailing as a duo, or for carrying an inexperienced crew. To keep manoeuvring with ropes to a strict minimum, there is an optional in-mast furling system.

More experienced recreational boaters will opt for rigging packs which include a stemhead for downwind sails, extra winches and a 26m" furling genoa for longer cruises.

With its regatta-style running rigging and Flatdeck genoa furling system, the First Line is firmly focused on Performance.

The bulb-free hydraulic lifting keel (1.25 m - 2.55 m), which produces hardly any drag, combined with the 35m2 square top mainsail maximises the hull's speed potential. Another advantage of the lifting keel is simple beaching of the boat making it easy to explore secluded creeks and anchorages.

New Oceanis 34.1 - Saloon

Onboard comfort, worthy of the greatest boats

The stylish, uncluttered deck plan has been specially designed to provide maximum comfort and safety when moving around the boat, taking the helm and for onboard living when at anchor. The ropes for the halyard and the furling system are forward of the cockpit while there is a winch on each side for the helmsman to set the foresails. The result is an uncluttered cockpit ideal for relaxation, with the lack of a backstay making it easy to get to the aft swim platform.

The design also includes two or three double cabins with head compartment. The 2-cabin version has a large head compartment to aft with a spacious separate shower and lots of closet space accessed both from the inside and via the cockpit benchseat.

The offer is further enhanced by a choice of elegant finishes in oak or walnut, perfectly complemented by a beautiful fabric selection with optional seat upholstery.

In both versions, the boat interiors are bright and airy. With its four deck hatches and four hull portholes, the Oceanis saloon has everything you need to get the most out of your cruising experience.

The starboard L-shaped galley, the head compartment to port, the large full-beam saloon with two sofas and a large table for convivial dining ensure maximum cruising comfort for the eight passengers. In addition to the cabins, there are two single berths, one of which is under the clever chart table with its folding top.

Loyal to the spirit of classic BENETEAU design for 35 years now, the Oceanis 34.1 is the versatile cruiser with a sleek contemporary silhouette that everyone's been waiting for!


Oceanis 34.1 provisional specifications
• Length overall: 10,77 m
• Hull length: 9,96 m
• Waterline length: 9,50 m
• Beam width: 3,57 m
• Deep draught (cast iron): 2,00 m
• Deep ballast weight: 1.580 kg
• Shallow draught (cast iron): 1,50 m
• Shallow ballast weight: 1,860 kg
• Performance draught (lifting keel): 1,25 m - 2,55 m
• Performance ballast weight: 1,506 kg
• Air draught: 15.57 m
• Light displacement: 5.470 kg
• Fuel tank (standard): 130 L
• Fresh water capacity (standard): 231 L
• Engine power (standard): 21 HP
• Mainsail: 31 m2
• Self-tacking jib: 18,30 m2
• Furling mainsail: 26 m2
• Furling genoa (106%): 26,10 m2
• Code 0: 40 m2

For any question, price list or offer, please contact your Ultra Sailing Team. We expect the new Oceanis 34.1 in Croatia in 2022.

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Oceanis 54 Yacht Review

The new Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 shares a lot of DNA with the company’s First Yacht 53, introduced last year. The Oceanis Yacht 54, however, is both more luxurious and carries a slightly different rig for sailors who lean more toward cruising and entertaining than racing.


The hull and deck of the Oceanis Yacht 54 are both infused with a balsa core and an inner liner vacuum-infused to the hull in conventional Beneteau fashion. Less typically for Beneteau, a pair of aluminum beams runs the length of the boat beneath the cabin sole, adding support and rigidity.

The keel and its bulb are cast iron. The boat carries twin rudders on a pair of stainless steel stocks, and the cockpit is equipped with dual helm stations. Standard power is an 80hp saildrive, but our test boat came with the optional 110hp shaft drive and dripless coupling instead. Another option is Beneteau’s “Dock and Go” 360 saildrive and bow thruster system, to facilitate moving in and out of the tightest slips and marinas.

As always with Beneteau, the plumbing and distributed electrical system are neatly installed, and the boat meets all necessary CE and ISO 12215 standards. A Beneteau “Ship Control System” allows owners to monitor a wide range of onboard functions via a cell phone app, including lights, air conditioning, generator, and battery and water levels. Two different keels, standard and shoal, the latter drawing 6ft 7in, are available.


The deck is a long, wide, open space with plenty of lounging room for sunbathers. A low bulwark enclosing the side decks helps compensate for a shortage of grab points on the cabintop. Beneteau has brought back the cockpit arch (not part of the package aboard the First Yacht 53 with its greater emphasis on success on the racecourse) as a convenient mounting spot for the mainsheet, bimini and windshield. The mainsheet attaches at a single point without a traveler, but a double-ended German rig is available for more performance-minded skippers. There’s also the option of a boom-furling mainsail for those who want a more efficient sailplan than is possible with in-mast furling.

The transom opens electrically to expose a boarding platform and dinghy garage large enough for an 8ft inflatable, an elegant, straightforward solution for storing and launching the tender.


The interior is finished like a modern urban apartment, with flush-mounted cabinet doors, neutral colors and an expansive feel. It’s attractive in the European style and will be a fine place for entertaining guests. The joinery is of Alpi laminate wood with a choice of either a mahogany finish, like on our test boat, or a lighter oak color.

We sailed the three-cabin, two-head version. However, a three-head version is also available, as is a charter model with a small cabin in the forepeak for a hired captain. Tall fiddles on all countertops and strong grab rails alongside the companionway and overhead serve as good handholds. The headroom in the saloon is well over 6ft.

The C-shaped galley amidships has an apartment-size fridge plus a freezer. A dishwasher is available as an option. The forward-facing nav table just aft of the owner’s cabin in the bow employs the end of the port-side settee as a seat. It’s an unusual layout that seems better suited to relaxation than work, but makes sense in this era of electronic navigation. As is typically the case with Beneteau, the Oceanis Yacht 54 is available with a long list of options that includes everything from a genset and air conditioning to stereo systems and upholstery choices.


With a perfect 12-18 knot breeze in Annapolis, close-reaching under standard sails produced a satisfying 9 knots of boatspeed in fairly smooth water. Unrolling a Code 0 affixed to the boat’s fixed bowsprit added a knot. While it may not technically be a racer, the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 does move right along. A comparably sized cruising catamaran couldn’t have done any better.

Tacking through slightly less than 90 degrees was uneventful and effortless with the help of our test boat’s big electric winches. There was a slight amount of weather helm, just enough to provide the necessary feedback when sailing hard on the wind, and the big boat responded instantly to the wheel. Beneteau has incorporated a nice set of foot braces in the cockpit and at both helm stations, a welcome touch when the boat is on its ear. There’s nothing like twin rudders for maintaining a firm grip on the water in heavier conditions.

The nearly flush deck made for excellent sight lines in all directions, and the overall motion was an easy, comforting one in a seaway. This is the kind of boat that will be well suited for everything from long-distance cruising to daysailing with children. Sail controls were also exemplary throughout. The in-mast furling main and roller-furling jibs worked perfectly, making shorthanded sailing a simple matter.


Motoring on the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is a non-event, as it should be on any modern sailing vessel. Full throttle drives the boat at nearly 10 knots, while a comfortable cruise setting of 2,400 rpm produced a quiet 9 knots. Stopping and backing are normal. The turning circle is tight, about one boatlength, and helm control is positive and simple. That said, a bow thruster is inevitably a good idea aboard any boat this size given the crowded nature of today’s harbor facilities.


The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is a superbly capable cruiser that will check a lot of boxes for a lot of sailors. Think summers in New England, spring and fall on the Chesapeake and an offshore passage to the Caribbean for a winter in the islands—that or trips from Southern California to Mexico and back. Whatever the locale, the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 will serve as an outstanding modern sailing home where owners can entertain friends, family or clients in style. 




Hull length:






Standard draft (T-keel):


Standard ballast weight (Cast iron):


Shallow draught keel:


Weight of shallow draft keel (Cast iron):


Air draft (excluding antennae):


Performance air draught (excluding antennae):


Light displacement:


Fuel capacity (standard):


Fresh water capacity (standard):


Engine power:

Sail drive (standard) 80HP


Sail drive Dock&Go (Option) 80HP


Propeller shaft (Option) 110HP

Naval Architect:


Outside & interior design:


EC Certification

Category A - 10 people


Category B - 12 people


Category C - 14 people

Furling mainsail


Self-tacking jib


Furling genoa (105 %)


Code 0


Asymmetric spinnaker










For any further details, offer, quote or questions, please feel free to contact us. We expect the first Oceanis 54 Yacht in Croatia in Spring 2022!

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New Oceanis 40.1

We are proud to announce that Ultra Sailing already delivered 2 Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 in Pula & Split. Both models are in proposed in charter and can be tested, visited or rented from now. The new Oceanis 40.1 is amazing boat in many parts: Design, Performance, Lines, Volumes and living spaces.

We had opportunity to test the boat with a Gennaker and were amazed about the results and sailing performance of this 40ft Family cruiser. Easy to handle while sailing, Easy to maneuver in marinas and ports.

Please find few photos from our partners Otvoreno More Magazin.



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Yacht Investment Opportunities 2022

Yacht Investment & Opportunities

Ultra Sailing proposed to all our partner & clients who are willing to become boat owner or invest in Yachting in Croatia.

The season 2021 is almost finished for the investment as Beneteau is not offering any last minute opportunities anymore.

That’s why Ultra Sailing is now focused in the 2022 nautical season with opportunities.


* The basic price  doesn't include the extra options and the commissioning costs. The charter profit is based on a 20 weeks booked season.

Of course, in cooperation with the Beneteau shipyard, we are able to offer other sailing boat models as Oceanis 51.1, Oceanis 54 Yacht, Oceanis 30.1 new model will be announced soon (instead of Oceanis 38.1 & Oceanis 35.1 models).

Please feel free to contact us for any question or concrete offer. The configuration of the boat can be defined by You.

Your Ultra Sailing Team

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Merry Christmas & happy New Year 2021

The 2021 Nautical Season and year is approaching. Our colleagues and teams have been all time focused in the 2021 season making their best so the sailing boats and catamarans will be fully prepared and ready for the first charter guests. We also follow situation with the shipyards, shipyard management organize Webinar with fresh news from the groups which is helpful for and see what’s happening with the production. It’s a very good way to stay informed and connected with the reality of the market, as well to communicate and ask our questions. 

Because the 2020 boat shows and sea trials cessions have been limited or mostly cancelled in the autumn cession, don’t forget that Ultra Sailing offer to everyone the possibility to visit, inspect and test models from the all range over the all year in Croatia. From our base, on request you can see the Oceanis 30.1, the new Oceanis 40.1 (from March 2021), the Oceanis 46.1, the Oceanis 46 First Line, the Oceanis 51.1, the First 53 Yacht, the First 18 and many other models from past generation.

Concerning the next big events, the Dusseldorf boot has been postpone to April (17th until 25th), we are waiting for more details concerning the boats that will be exhibited this year. In Croatia, the Croatia Boat Show (Split, April 7th until 11th) will be our biggest local event in Spring, hopefully the perfect moment to start the nautical and touristic season.

In case you have any question, please contact us. Your Ultra Sailing Team.

 We wish to everyone a Merry Christimas & Happy New Year 2021

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2020 Season feedback & what's next?

The 2020 Nautical Season and year will be over soon, together with this year, we hope the end of unpredictable situations that we met due to the Covid 19 crisis. Hopefully, the 2021 coming season will bring more normal way of living and mark the end of this Pandemic situation.

Ultra Sailing can be satisfied with the results, considering the conditions we faced before, during and after the 2020 nautical season:

We have delivered all our contracted boats without bigger delay considering the situation in March & April and fulfilled our obligations to the shipyards, partners and customers

  • We gave the opportunity to many of our customers to become boat owners - they used this specific situation to escape and sail on their new boats which was for many of them a unique experience combining isolation, comfort and sailing with their loves.
  • The charter season, which was shorter than usual was successful. Hundreds of sailors, amateurs, families and guests were pleased to rent a sailing boat or catamaran from us and met their dream on the sea. In term of numbers,
  • Our new charter base in Pula is a huge success and allows us to cover this very interesting part of Adriatic.

We get the most popular and modern models from our shipyards in our fleet, the 2020 Beneteau model: new First 53 Yacht that we have as exclusive charter offer on the market in the world (!) and the best catamaran model in 2020 – new Fountaine Pajot Elba 45.

With more than 25 years of experience in the nautical business, Ultra Sailing Croatia is looking forward to meet the 2021 nautical season. We know the 2021 season will be challenging and we expect a better season than 2020 when we speak about charter activities. There is no doubt that Croatia will be this season again, one of the best charter destination in the world.

We have several new acquisition in 2021, the new Oceanis 40.1 from Beneteau will be in Pula and in Split. Fountaine Pajot shipyard launched in 2021 the new catamaran Isla 40 (replacing the successful Lucia 40). We took the opportunity to buy new Isla 40 in Maestro (Private) version ''Island Escape'' which will berthed in our catamaran base in Marina Baotić – Seget (Trogir).

To our clients, customers and partners, we offer different possibility of investments in our Charter Management program, for more details or info, please feel free to contact us.


Your Ultra Sailing Team


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First 53 Yacht - Test

Ultra Sailing Croatia was pleased and honored to be part of the boat test of the First 53 Yacht with our partners from Yacht Croatia.

With their brilliant new model from the First series, Beneteau have opened a new chapter in performance cruisers, a segment they have ruled for decades. As you can find out from our review, new First Yacht 53 presents brand vision of performance as something that needn’t exclude luxury and style


(...) link here to read to complete test in English



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Available boats and 2021 Opportunities!

Ultra Beneteau Croatia is working intensively to be up to date and as dynamic as the market requests it from us. For all our clients and customer,s we can guaranty the best models from the Beneteau shipyard that could be delivered for the next 2021 nautical season in Croatia.

The available models are also the most attractive ones and we offer several services for those who might be interested:

- Don't miss the Beneteau GOOD DEAL opportunities

- Private client and pleasure: delivery keys in hand, marina berth, fully support and annual maintenance

- Charter Management program for client who want to invest and cover the annual costs and avoid maintenance & service care

- Ultra Sailing Croatia to all charter guests who already want to reserve their boat for next summer offers special conditions and opportunities (35% to reserve, full payment refunding if Covid restrictions etc.). More info

Before summer 2021, use the opportunity to own a new Oceanis 40.1 (last model from Beneteau!), Oceanis 46.1 or the new Oceanis 54 Yacht! For more details, offer, price list or info, please feel free to contact us!

Your Ultra team

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First 53 Yacht - Zenith

Last winter, Ultra Sailing already announced the First 53 Yacht, last summer we proudly received first First Yacht 53, named „Zenith“ to our fleet in ACI Marina Split.

„Zenith“ is available in a 3 + 1 cabin layout (2 double, 1 master cabin + 1 skipper cabin).

This boats describes directly Beneteau’s moto „Avant-garde in boating“, it is a high class, fast cruiser and performance sailing yacht. A perfect mixture of classic and modern lines, cockpit is designed to reach the bow easily without obstacles. It is made for true sailing enthusiast and we are sure it will impress everyone who steps on this boat. Design

As Beneteau wrote it is a First in every detail, two years were spent to develop and bring excellence closer to water level, which satisfies the highest demands. The key feature of the exterior and interior design was set to one word: space. Easy-flow and movement between the helm stations, and on winch layout for maneuvers and easy access to the deck.

Behind the lifting transom, which converts to a swim platform, you can easily stow away a 2.40m tender in the tender garage. The First Yacht 53 matches new sailing requirements with a completely new interior housing a large sofa and coffee table and divided into two very distinct and practical spaces: a relaxation area and a meal space.

Charter in Croatia Ultra Sailing is the first charter operator which offer First Yacht 53 for charter purposes in Mediterranean Sea. First 53 yacht can be rented in Croatia from 6000€ – 12900€ per week (depends of the term). Here are the pictures of this luxury performance sailing yacht and first impressions from the Adriatic Sea. If you want to test or book the First 53 Yacht in 2021, please feel free to contact us.

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new Oceanis 40.1 & new Oceanis 54 Yacht

During the Genoa 2020 Nautico, we used the opportunity to discover for the first time the last models from Beneteau shipyard.

The new Oceanis 40.1 is the smallest model on the market with 4 cabins, the wide bow allows unbelievable combinations of layout for this size! From a huge master cabin and queen size bedroom in 3/1 layout to a bit smaller master cabin with bathroom and 4th cabin with bunked beds in 4/2 & 3/2 layout. The attractive and dynamic design of this Family-Cruising yacht follows the very successful generation of Oceanis 46.1 & Oceanis 51.1 with a big and comfortable cockpit and nice solution for sailing and navigation. Oceanis 40.1 model is expecting already in early Spring in Croatia, we will be pleased to welcome first guests and clients in our bases.

New-Oceanis 40.1

The main attraction of the Genoa Boat Show was the new Oceanis 54 Yacht, the 54 Yacht is joining the Oceanis 62 Yacht. The hull of the new 54 Yacht is the same design as the First 53 Yacht, the deck and the cockpit design are different and make this model much more safe and pleasant for family cruising. With 23 levels on the deck and closed cockpit with a perfect bimini sun protection, this sailing yacht will make your stay comfortable and safe. The saloon is surprise and a proof that you owe a luxury yacht with excellent finishing, nice furniture and modern design. The saloon and the cabins are full of natural light from outside and offer a high level of commodity. We can't wait to sail the Oceanis 54 Yacht on the sea and are sure that not only First model can be excellent Performance-Cruiser boats.

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First 53 Yacht - Test from More Magazin

Our dear partners from the famous Croatian Magazin ''More Časopis'' did an excellent job end of September in Split testing our Beneteau First 53 Yacht ''Zenit''. For those who didn't get the opportunity to buy the last number of More Magazin, please find few amazing photos from the Sea Test with our skipper.

'' From outside

performance, while

inside is almost

a luxury Sailing Yacht



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Biograd Boat Show 2020

Biograd Boat Show is the biggest outside nautical event in Croatia with a large selection of new and second hand boats. Ultra sailing will be present at Biograd to exhbit new Beneteau sailing boats and represent the French shipyard to the Croatian market at the best moment of the nautical season, just in time to conclude the next season of delivery with our clients and partners.

This year Utra in cooperation with Beneteau decides to exhibit the next models:

- Oceanis 46.1

- Oceanis 30.1

- First 53 Yacht (Croatian Premiere)

This year, we expect a reduced number of European participants and visitors but Biograd should be the central point for the Croatian Nautical Business during the fair. We will be pleased to welcome everyone who wants to discover the actual Beneteau sailing boats and sailing Yachts.Please feel free to contact us for any question, this year the Biograd Boat Show will start at October 21th and ends at October 25th.
Your Ultra Team


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Genoa Boat Show 2020

Dear Sailiors,

We are pleased to announce that the 60th Genoa Boat edition is starting and that we will be part of this event as Beneteau partners for Croatia.
This year the Beneteau shipyard will exhibit the following models:

- Oceanis 40.1 (new model)
- Oceanis 46.1
- Oceanis 54 Yacht (new model)
- First 53 Yacht

It will be a great opportunity for us to discover 2 World Premiere in Italy and share our feeling with our clients. The Boat show is starting on October 1st until October 6th.

Under those specific situation, we plan to be part of this event on Monday October 5th.
We will be pleased to welcome you and introduce the Beneteau sailing ychts.

In case of any question, please contact us.

Your Ultra Sale Team

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The new wave of Oceanis Cruising Yachts

The Beneteau group just before the 2020 summer come with 2 big surprises and new models to come. The joy of sailing, the pleasure of living on the water, the satisfaction of putting to sea on a beautifully crafted yacht – all brought to you by the two new Oceanis cruisers, which have made a considerable impression at the beginning of 2020! The Oceanis 40.1 distinguishes itself with a surprising amount of space on deck and volume below, while the Oceanis Yacht 54 reivents movement in the cockpit and sets a new standard in terms of build quality, ergonomics, and trim options. Both yachts display the signature Oceanis features that continue to redefine the pleasures of the cruising life.

Your Croatian partner of the Beneteau Group, the Ultra Sailing team will be one of the first to benefit the new Oceanis 40.1 model in Croatia already in June 2020. This boat will be available for charter and testing!

Feel free to contact us for any question or request.

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Beneteau Croatia Spring 2020

In the pre-season of 2020, Beneteau Croatia in cooperation with Beneteau group organizes several events that may interest all our clients and partners.
Next week we will be at the Zagreb Boat show (19.02.-23.02.), in April we will participate at the Croatia Boat Show (Split 22.04.-26.04.) which we organize on the Croatian market. There is also the traditional Beneteau Yacht Rally which will be held this year from May 2nd until May 4th with departure from Trogir. You can joins us at the BYR2020 on one of our sailboats or on your own. We also offer the possibility of sea trials to all interested clients on all current Beneteau sailing boats: Oceanis 51.1, Oceanis 46.1, Oceanis 30.1, First 53 Yacht etc.

From now you can already book and charter the new First 53 Yacht in the upcoming season with skipper, the First 50 Yacht Zenit will be berthed in ACI Split. We are also expecting the new model Oceanis 40.1 in June in Croatia.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to let us know.

Your Ultra Sale Team

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Zagreb Nautic Boat Show 2020

Step on the NEW Oceanis 30.1 with us, which has been awarded European Yacht of the Year 2020. Find our Beneteau Croatia stand at the Zagreb Boat Show 2020 from February 19th-23nd in Hall 10 A.

We expect a big number of visitors and hope you will join us as well. For any further information, please feel free to contact us before or during the show.

Your Ultra Sale Team


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Dusseldorf boot 2020

The biggest European indoor boot starts on January 18th. Your Ultra Sales Team will be present during the all show to represent our brand for the Croatian Market.

Beneteau is exhibiting this fleet in Hall 16:

- Oceanis 30.1

- Oceanis 38.1

- Oceanis 46.1

- Oceanis 51.1

- Oceanis 62 Yacht*

- First 18, 24 & 27

- First 53 Yacht*

For any further info contact us.

*Visits of the First 53 Yacht can be done only by appointment.If you have already saved your dates, please let us know so we can plan our schedule et prepare your visit.

In case you already know your dates, please let us know so we can adapt our schedule and be prepared for your visits.

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The First 53 Yacht in Croatia - Spring time 2020

We are proud and honored to announce the arrival of the first First 53 Yacht on the Croatian Adriatic sea in Spring 2020!

After the successful launching at the Cannes Yacht Festival last September, Ultra Sailing Croatia announce the First 53 Yacht in Croatia.

The delivery in expected in early Spring 2020 and we expect the First 53 Yacht to be ready for sail and charter in May from ACI Split, our main base of luxury and performance sailing yachts.

If you are already interested by renting, testing or a detailed visit of the Firsti 53 Yacht, please contact us!

Official video of the First 53 Yacht:


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2020 Beneteau program

The boating market is still quite dynamic so the Beneteau group in cooperation with the dealers is trying to organize as much as possible events for the clients, the potential customers and the partners, sometime in cooperation with Ultra Sailing as Beneteau Croatia exclusive dealer. The basic program of the 2020 season is already known. Feel free to learn more about the coming international and local boat shows where you will have the opportunity to visit the new Beneteau models.

International boat shows:

– PARIS BOAT SHOW 2019 ( December 07th-15th 2019. ) – First 18, 24 & 27, First 53Y, Oceanis 30.1, Oceanis 35.1, Oceanis 38.1, Oceanis 46.1 & Oceanis 51.1
– DUSSELDORF BOOT 2020 (January 18th-25th 2020) - First 18, 24 & 27, First 53Y, Oceanis 62 Yacht, Oceanis 30.1, Oceanis 35.1, Oceanis 38.1, Oceanis 46.1 & Oceanis 51.1
- ZAGREB BOAT SHOW (February 19th-23th 2020)
- CROATIA BOAT SHOW SPLIT (April 22nd-26th 2020)

Beneteau Yacht Rally 2020:

Beginning of May is time for our traditional Beneteau Yacht Rally. This year the program will start on May 04th and end on May 07th. The BYR is a local event organized on Beneteau sailing yachts for our customers, owners and clients. Everybody is welcomed to join us and enjoy the Adriatic sea on your own boat or on a Beneteau boat from our fleet. The program is available.

Sea Trials & Boat visits:

We have at your disposal all the Beneteau range to show, test and visit: Oceanis 30.1, Oceanis 35.1, Oceanis 38.1, Oceanis 41.1, Oceanis 46.1, Oceanis 51.1, Oceanis 62Y, First 18, First 24 & First 7.

For any specific boat or visit, please feel to contact us.

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Paris Boat Show 2019

December is in our business the calmest period of the year, it’s a period of the year we use to do the winter jobs on our boats. December is also the month of the nautical boat show in Paris (Salon Nautique de Paris) one of the most important indoor nautical event in Europe after the Dusseldorf boot.
This year the Paris Boat Show will start on December 7th until December 15th at Paris (Porte de Versailles – Parc des Expositions). Our team will be present the first Week End to welcome our prospects and clients at the Beneteau stand, this year we will have the opportunity to see the new First 53 Yacht and:

- First 18
- First 24
- First 27
- First 53 Yacht
- Oceanis 30.1
- Oceanis 35.1
- Oceanis 38.1
- Oceanis 46.1
- Oceanis 51.1

In case you have the opportunity to visit the Salon Nautique de Paris this year, please contact us so we can wait for you. Visit on the First 53 Yacht are possible only by appointment.
We are staying at your disposal for any question or comment.

Your Ultra Team


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New hull color First 53Y

The blue grey gel coat option has been changed in order to offer you a boat similar to the world premiere unit launched in Cannes boat show. Please find hereunder the complete colors offer available :
- WHITE HULL STD no extra.





The metallic hull paint options as the grey blue gel coat include the hull, the aft transom, the
gunwale and the bowsprit. !!

For any further details, please feel free to contact us.


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Beneteau Yacht Rally

Every season before the charter season start Ultra Sailing is organizing our Beneteau Yacht Rally, in 2020 it will be the 14th BYR.

The one thing that has considerably developed in the last few years is the increasing number of organized regattas. We are very happy to be one of the pioneers in Croatia who started this program. There are plenty of reasons to socialize under sails, but in short, they generally offer benefits, safety, technical support and the opportunity to sail on one of the new sailing yachts of the Beneteau shipyard. Regattas are a great way to find new friends and like-minded people. Such meetings provide fun and entertainment for families, friends, groups and business associates.
Of course, our most successful rally is the one we plan next. We have sailed numerous islands and awarded many prizes so far, and now we are ready for something new. All fans of Beneteau sailing yachts are invited to join us in the three-day sailing cruise, which will take place in a relaxed atmosphere and in beautiful places on the Adriatic islands, where traditional cuisine will be enjoyed within organized dinners and social gatherings.


In May 2019, the program was:

Saturday 04.05.2019
17.00 Registration & provision of instructions

Sunday 05.05.2019
09:00 Welcome banquet & skippers meeting
11:00 start of the 1st leg (Trogir-Stari Grad)
19:00 Dinner at a local restaurant

Monday 06.05.2019
09:00 skippers meeting
11:00 start of the 2nd leg (Stari Grad - Milna)
19:00 Dinner at a local restaurant

Tuesday 07.05.2019
09:00 skippers meeting
11:00 start of the 3rd leg (Milna - Trogir)
19:00 dinner and announcement of the winner

Wednesday 08.05.2019
09:00 Check-out or, if wished, continuation of the sailing trip for all those who have booked the sailing yacht for 7 days

The next 15th 2020 BYR will be:

Saturday 02.05.2020
17.00 Registration & provision of instructions

Sunday 03.05.2020
09:00 Welcome banquet & skippers meeting
11:00 start of the 1st leg
19:00 Dinner at a local restaurant

Monday 04.05.2020
09:00 skippers meeting
11:00 start of the 2nd leg
19:00 Dinner at a local restaurant

Tuesday 05.05.2020
09:00 skippers meeting
11:00 start of the 3rd leg
19:00 dinner and announcement of the winner

Wednesday 06.05.2020
09:00 Check-out or, if wished, continuation of the sailing trip for all those who have booked the sailing yacht for 7 days


Beneteau Yacht Rally Rules:

  1. Only Beneteau sailing yachts can participate in the regatta.
  2. It is sailed in two groups:
    Group 1: 6 X Oceanis 35.1
    Group 2: 6 x other Beneteau sailing yachts
  3. Participation fee 210 € per person for dinner and moorings
  4. Prices are awarded to the first 3 places in the 1st and 2nd group
  5. Instructions and routes will be provided at the first skippers meeting
  6. Ultra-Sailing is not liable for damages or injuries during the regatta. All sailing yachts and passengers are insured.
  7. Ultra-Sailing reserves the right to change the route at the last moment in case of adverse weather conditions or other justifiable reasons.
  8. The Beneteau Rally consists of 3 legs; at least one leg must be sailed so that prizes can be awarded.

If you want to be part of he next 2020 BYR, please contact us.



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New Color design First 53 Y

Feel the new atmosphere inside the First 53 Yacht with a new possibility of color.

Beneteau shipyard in order to improve the quality and the offer of the successful First 53 Yacht has launched a new interio design with the New 3 Gloss Oak / Solid bleached oak flooring atmosphere.

This furniture is possible to order in 3 cabins & 2 heads version or 3 cabins & 3 heads.

The public price of this option is 5.100€ & 10.420€

For any further info about the Beneteau First 53 Yacht, please feel free to contact us.


Below you can find the printed results with the new wood color.

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Charter Management opportunities

As every season Ultra is proposing to the market investment opportunities for those who are willing to invest in our Charter Management program. The coming 2020 season is already actual and our bookings are opened for few weeks now. We are expecting new sailing boats in our fleet and are opening a new base in Pula (Istria) to cover the nothern part of the beautiful Adriatic sea. If you might be interested by our possibilities, please feel free to contact us to receive more details and information: Oceanis 51.1, Oceanis 46.1, Oceanis 38.1 etc.

Your Ultra Team

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Nautical Event - Biograd Boat Show 2019

Biograd Boat Show is the biggest outside nautical event in Croatia with a large selection of new and second hand boats. Ultra sailing will be present at Biograd to exhbit new Beneteau sailing boats and represent the French shipyard to the Croatian market at the best moment of the nautical season, just in time to conclude the next season of delivery with our clients and partners.
This year Utra in cooperation with Beneteau decides to exhibit the next models:

- Oceanis 51.1
- Oceanis 46.1
- Oceanis 38.1
- Oceanis 30.1
- First 24

We expect a record number of participants and visitors and will be pleased to welcome everyone who wants to discover the actual Beneteau sailing boats and sailing Yachts.Please feel free to contact us for any question, this year the Biograd Boat Show will start at October 17th and ends at October 20th.

Your Ultra Team


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Cannes Yacht Festival 2019


Dear Friends, Partners and Beneteau Sailing Yachts owners. We are proud to announce the Cannes Yacht Festival with our participation to the biggest outdoor European Boat Show
As we expect a record number of participants and visitors, we would like to prepare your visit and arrival.

This season the first star of the entire show will for sure be the World Premiere of the new Beneteau First 53 Yacht. The Beneteau group will also exhbit the following models:

-    OCEANIS 30.1
-    OCEANIS 38.1
-    OCEANIS 46.1
-    OCEANIS 51.1

This season, the Cannes Yacht Festival will be split in 2 parts with an area dedicated to the Sailing range and another one dedicated to the motor range. Our sale team will be present during the all the show in order to welcome our partners, friends, customers and clients, it will be a pleasure to invoite you to join us, in case you plan to visit us, please send us a confirmation by email.

Sincerely Your Beneteau Croatia

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New First 53 Yacht

The new First 53 remains true heritage that marked the history of sailing and retains the high performance characteristics of large sailing yachts. Designed with a keen eye for detail, she will meet the expectations of people who love luxury and high-performance sailing yachts.

Below you will find the launch schedule for this new boat.

Next important stage is 14th and 15th of JUNE:
•     14th of June – dealers only
Beneteau will welcome us for a detailed presentation of hull #1 & #2, currently on build at the factory, we will have a detailed presentation from the product manager: global concept of the boat, product & price list presentation, option list, market etc. 

•         15th of June – dealers & clients
Beneteau dedicated 2 hours slots per dealers & clients for 1 to 1 meetings with premium service, here you will have the opportunity to have a personalized description of the boat by the product manager for each of you in individual meetings. It will also be an opportunity to have the first specification and price list estimation
Thanks to this program from Beneteau, it will be for you the only chance to see this brand new model in advance, in a VIP feeling at the factory, and with the boat dedicated to You.

Please let us know if you might be interested by this oppurtinuty and contact us as soon as possible to reserve your place.

This model won’t be available for public visits before September boat shows after these dates. First sea trials sessions will be organised in Port Ginesta, in October.

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New Oceanis 30.1 - Photo Gallery

Dear Beneteau friends, it's time for you to discover the new Oceanis 30.1 with real photografies in sailing condition.

As you can see, the weather was not perfect and with cloudy effect but at least the wind condition were good and offer the opportunity to the skipper to sail and give us nice photos of the new Oceanis 30.1 in navigation, even with Gennaker.

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Croatia Boat Show - Split 2019

Beneteau & Croatia Boat Show 10.-14.04.2019.

Dear Friends, Partners and Beneteau Sailing Yachts owners.

We are proud to announce the 21st Croatian Boat Show and our participation to this important nautical event in our region.
As we expect a record number of participants and visitors, we have prepared for You „creme de la creme“ of our Beneteau models: 

-    OCEANIS 38.1
-    OCEANIS 41.1
-    OCEANIS 46.1
-    OCEANIS 51.1
-    FIRST 18

This season, the Boat show will take place in the west coast of the beautiful Split city.

In the sweety corner of our exhbition part, you can look for us, we will stay at your disposal with all the information related to the Beneteau model that match the much to your tast.

Sincerely Your Beneteau Croatia

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